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500 Fairway Rd. S
Kitchener Ontario

Lock Stock & Barrel was created by two sisters dedicated to providing a memorable experience through exceptional service and technical excellence.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.  We are inspired and highly passionate stylists.  We create an atmosphere that is relaxed but with a modern and contemporary edge.  We welcome you to enjoy an experience tailor made for you.



Alecs Sweete

(226) 929-8806
Level 4AA

Hi! My name is Alecs. I’m a one on one type of person, if that means my twin can come lol. I enjoy having long really deep conversations and getting lost in people’s life experiences. I love tattoos and I name all mine, you can ask, I don’t mind. Colour is my jam!!! If I give a little squeak at the sink you know I’m excited! How did I get so lucky to do what I love everyday! Can’t wait to meet you.    

***Currently NOT accepting new clients.***

Rhyan Sweete

(226) 808-8362
Level 4AA

I'm Rhyan, Hair Ninja, Pisces twin, and always ready to take on a new day.  The best feeling in the world is being able to turn around, or make someone's day.  I love all things rock, classic rock, or folk.  You can always find me having a deep convo with someone in the middle of the grocery store, or trying to hug a stranger.  I have a little Maltese named Toby, I am a fierce dog Mom!  I love all things hair and beauty!

***Currently NOT accepting new clients.***


De Brabandere

(519) 781-7771 
Level 4AA


I come from small town roots where working hard is in my genes. I am a go with the flow, on the bright side kind of person. In my spare time I love to bake anything gluten free. I am especially good with doughnuts I makes so many you'll probably get to try one some day. I discovered pilates a few years ago and cannot live without it now as it keeps my body healthy so I can continue doing what I love. I am forever learning and developing my craft. I try to navigate professionally by enjoying the process, it's a process. Trained in California with The Kingly Hair Group in precision hair cutting. Trained from California based Workshop Evole in Dinemsional Foilayage and colour correcting blondes. Every person that sits in my chair is an opportunity to learn and grow. There has never been two hairs the same and they are all welcome.     

***Only accepting haircut clients (no colour), day time only.***


Sandy Seegers

(519) 591-0205
Level 4A  

Hi, I’m Sandy, a Stylist with 18 years of cutting, color, highlight, balayage, ombre and I love color correction.  I have also worked with texture service aka Perms, the new and modern looks. My experience helps me help you. I enjoy working with my clients to create unique looks that they feel great in. I love to modernize classic looks to make them fun and wearable.

When not at the salon, I can be found thrifting for the perfect outfit or out hiking a new trail. I love to talk and learn from others and am also passionate about mental health, yours and mine. I’m a working Mom with a teenage daughter navigating in a modern world.

***Currently accepting new clients.***









690 Belmont Ave West, Kitchener, Ontario

Unit 102.




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